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WOW. UMMM. Lots of thoughts, most of it more massive eye-rolling at Taka. Don’t agree at all that music in the US is more representative of its culture vs Japan. Are you shitting me??? Feldmann was “uncomfortable” when something sounded TOO Japanese so he removed it…

Thanks for translating! ^^ I feel like Taka is the exact opposite of a weeaboo, it’s kinda funny xD He’s so obsessed with America and tries to imitate their music.. going as far as to try getting rid of his origins. And as someone who’s somewhat obsessed about Japan, I can’t be mad at him about it. Though it’s a shame for us since we love their original sound, it’s still their decision~ if they're happy it's fine.

I’m secretly praying they’ll fail at it though or mature enough to see the great uniqueness in their own sound~

Yeah i think so too, i don’t think he ment it in a bad way, but what i fing weird is that they’re just okaay with it that parts of their songs are just removed, i mean they put their hard work in it. Probably every part that is a bit to much japan related was removed but that’s what makes One Ok Rock special, but now they sound like an american band which is still awesome but i feel like John is destroying One Ok Rock instead of making them better, he makes them One OKAY Rock. I don’t say it’s bad but i like One OK Rock more.