RECAP from FOOL COOL ROCK : Documentary Film 19.10.14 at Siam Paragon, Bangkok Thailand.

As you may know that this documentary has been shown in the cinema in Thailand for 2 days 4 rounds on 18-19 Oct, 14 in Thailand, I attended the show on Sunday 19th at 2.30PM, the ticket price is THB400 (~$12) per seat with my friends and met a lot of Thai OORers there. The seats in the cinema were almost filled-in in every round especially the 1st round on 18th. 

*Warning : All below details are containing spoilers*

  • The documentary has English Subtitle
  • Full show of “Deeper Deeper” and another song I can’t remember may be it was “Ending Story” :P from the 1st show at Le Trianon, France.
  • Rui-san talked about each members as he worked with them since their 1st debut or more than 7 years. 
  • Taka - He didn’t think about anything else but the band. He’s kind of shyness (Srsly?? LOL). Actually, Rui-san has talked more details about Taka….but my memory is fading away…Sorry -*-
  • Ryota - He is always being like a kid.
  • Tomoya - No one would believe that kind of body can drum so hard and he can make everyone amazed about his drumming everytime. He is the one who helped to lessen the stress out of the band. He is forgetful and can sleep like a log.
  • Toru - He’s kind of leader. He doesn’t talk too much but he has a mastermind of whom has formed the band and dream to play in oversea since the very start of the band.
  • Tomoya is M, I think LOL. From what we’ve seen from the trailer that he got knuckles by Taka all the times. There was a scene which he woke Taka up and then Taka hitted him by the hassock, Even Ryota warned him “Wake Taka up isn’t good idea” LOL, but he still did it, and then he tried to wake Toru up by raking Toru’s nose, but Toru was so tired to beat him LOL Anyway, once Toru woke up he started to kick Tomoya and punish Tomoya too. And Tomoya really enjoyed it. hahahahaha
  • Tomoya said the reason why he can let the member teasing him because he is the oldest, so all of them can hit him as long as he can make them more relax. 
  • Tomoya and Toru made their own special handshake before going to the stage (this one is more complicated from what we’ve seen before on SLS 2012 or JxK)
  • In Jakarta, there’s a question what is the position of each member if they were in family? Tomoya said Toru is a Father (without any hesitant), Taka is mother, Ryota is youngest brother and Tomoya himself as brother too. Taka said his son (he means Tomoya) is so lame, I don’t want him LOL
  • If I don’t get wrong, the scene of comparing the similarity between Toru and Gachapin was happened in Taiwan and Toru tried to make his eyes to be the same as Gachapin….wider eyes and sleepy eyes LOL
  • Toru’s Bday in Taiwan….Taka who was the person giving a cake to Toru (seem like he gave a cake to the King…kneeling down LOL) and then they showed Toru’s pic from his Graduation day on the screen….srsly he looked like a gangster Hahahaha and everyone including the staff kept repeating “how old are you? How old are you? and then Toru shouted back to them “I’M 25!!!” lol
  • The red sea of the red band with “Happy Birthday 25th to Toru” in Taiwan was so beautiful. I can feel that all members especially Toru was so impressed for what Taiwanese’s fans did for him, and then he said “Taiwan’s fans I love you so much” to the audiences. 
  • During the interview in Malaysia or Indonesia I’m not sure. The host asked the members “What they gonna do if they wouldn’t be in the band?” and then Taka answered “I’d DIE” and then everyone were in silent.
  • While they were in trouble in Malaysia, the owner of the venue was so angry and didn’t allow them to start the show. Toru, Ryota and Tomoya were out for smoking and a bit discussed. Tomoya said we should do the show as good as we can to make the Uncle (he meant to the “owner” of the venue) can feel how good we are, but Toru disagreed with him and said that we wouldn’t play our best for the Uncle but for the fans who are waiting us outside there. 
  • There was a part back when they were reheasing in Tokyo for Instrument session. Taka was the one who pushed all members trying to make a better and cooler sound. He was so serious and listening to the band playing as the audience not the vocalist.
  • The Documentary has finished with many shots from every venues during “Wherever You are”.
  • We clapped our hands once the show end and clapped again onc e the ending credit and the song “Decision” finished.

Sorry if I have made any mistake for this re-cap and feel free to correct if anything wrong, and I also hope you guys will enjoy reading it. To be honest, even though there was a short part of the show in my country comparing to other venues, but this film was worth it to watch, to know them more, to buy and to keep it to be one of my collection from OOR.

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