Naoki Sato - “Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Taika Hen (Movie)” Original Soundtrack


1. 運命 ~迷界の鼓動~
2. 新風
3. 狂信
4. 凶夢
5. 宿縁
6. 京都
7. 逆刃刀 ~追憶~
8. 新世 ~守るべき者~
9. 修羅道
10. 逆刃刀真打
11. 臨月天光
12. 飛天 ~京都大火~
13. 撹乱
14. 闇の現
15. 雷光
16. 煉獄の悪巧



So beautiful! ^_^

I’m inlove with it just like the first soundtrack! <3


taka-kristanna asked:

Why is everyone hating the new songs?

tinioor answered:

I dont know….
maybe because it sounds like pop songs and not rock enough…..













i don’t get why people hate the ‘change’ in the songs they write/make .. like it’s their music .. they can do whatever they want. ugh.

True, it’s their “decision”
I’m sorry too soon
Anyway I like the songs they sound different c:

they have never said they only do ROCK MUSIC, opt for a style of music This is their music, their ONE OK ROCK STYLE!!

And Taka said they don’t have a specific genre of music, their just one ok rock

true. Honestly …. I had also first in the “new" sound used and now I hear it in a loop all the time

Yea I was like what XD then I got used to it, I especially like Decision it has a type of feel I can’t explain

hehe …. "Pieces of me” I find any great, I do not know = D the song has what = P

I expected pieces of me to sound different, but I like how they made it c:

I also like all 3 songs …. they all have a different sound and I find that so interesting.

People really keep forgetting that artists have their own style and likes of music. If that band wants to do another genre then that’s fine because they make the music not you! if you want it to be another genre then try to make music yourself .. like seriously… i like the song so do other people and then other people dislike it, that’s normal but to hate on it is just lame .. you won’t reach anything.

savors are is God move thanks …. "all" like for example. "Be The Light” I do not and I do not make a riot …..

that’s kind of full of kindergarten ….. only thing missing is the all rumattern and cry ….

I like the new songs :3 ofcours it’s a bit diffrent but hey it’s cool and we should support them in what they do, and even tho it’s a bit diffrent it’s still awesome music! And Taka’s voice is still as awesome as always ;3 and i kinda hate all those fans who keep bitching about the new sound! just enjoy their music, they’ve put their effort in it so be gratefull! 




To all the people who don’t like their new song, SHUT UP IT’S AWESOME!!! :3 :D <3

It makes me think of 30 Seconds To Mars and Simple Plan! ^_^

That’s exactly why I’m not a fan of this song….it sounds like other bands, not OOR. I have grown up with OOR & listening to them change to this new over-produced pop music is really making me sad =\ I love OOR, but this new direction is not why I listen to OOR. Not saying that everyone should feel the same as I do. Just defending those who think OOR is selling out to sell records.

I know what you mean and i think the same but it’s till an awesome song, and they’re fan of 30STM and SP so it’s also kinda obvious that song has the same sounds, i like their older songs more but they just try new stuff and i support them ^_^ but everyone has their own opinion




Well that’s….radio friendly…

Yep. That’s all it is.